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140+ We support currencies
≈ 200 Regions of presence
500+ Various different methods for High-Risk Niche
UniqPayments is Dedicated to Establishing a Secure,
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Straightforward Integration Process with All-in-one Convenience
Enjoy access to global payment solutions through an all-in-one integration. We support API integration method
Secure and Reliable
With our «UniqPayments» risk management system in place, we assure the security of all funds and provide a warranty for every step of the process
Region-specific Services
With a robust presence in emerging markets, UniqPayments operates in over 140 regions worldwide, accommodating the payment preferences of users in each location with support for 135+ currencies
Our Services
Worldwide Acquiring Network
UniqPayments collaborates with payment gateways to offer a versatile solution that integrates seamlessly with our bank acquiring partners, facilitating both international and domestic banking transactions. We partner with acquirers across the US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America
Global Acquiring Network
GlobusPay works with payments gateways to provide a flexible solution which works with our bank acquiring partners enabling international and domestic banking. We work with acquirers in US, Europe, Asia , Latin America
Virtually All Sectors
Through our payment gateway, we provide competitive rates tailored for a wide range of business types, encompassing General E-commerce, High-risk ventures, Forex, and businesses with subscription model
Easy Gateway Integration
Upon approval, our consultative approach and direct relationships with payment gateways enable us to support you through every step of the integration process, ensuring a seamless experience
Our Clients

01 / Ecommerce

Every ecommerce business requires a solid financial structure, payment system, and bank account. However, complexities arise, such as some payment systems not functioning in developing countries and local banks operating only domestically. With our expertise, we can help streamline your digital business's financial setup

02 / High-risk Industry Players : Igaming, Nutra, Forex Company Owners

High-risk industry players in iGaming, Nutra, and Forex demand a financial structure surpassing conventional models. It must be adaptive, compliant, and technologically advanced to tackle the unique challenges of these sectors. Our strategic financial management approach isn't just vital for survival but also a catalyst for sustainable growth in these dynamic and competitive fields

03 / IT Startups, Consulting Companies, Digital Agencies, Subscription Services

Companies offering professional services and knowledge need a solid financial structure to manage customized contracts and attract foreign clients. Our expertise lies in selecting payment systems convenient for global transactions.

04 / Founders of Crowdfunding Projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Platforms often mandate the registration of a foreign legal entity and a bank account from users, creating complications for entrepreneurs from developing nations. Our seasoned experts specialize in crowdfunding and can assist you in navigating project management with community support.
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